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Why PP Straps Are Helpful For Packaging?

Why PP Straps Are Helpful For Packaging?

Polypropylene Strap (PP Strap) is a hard-wearing and durable. It can withstand numerous knocks, bumps and scratches. This is also important for goods in transit to protect the products in breaking. Polypropylene Strap  (PP Strap) is produced from lightweight plastic, it has no sharp edges. It is safer to handle when compared to something like steel strapping which is known for its sharp edges, and where you would need to use safety gloves and goggles.

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Polypropylene Strap (PP Strap) is a lightweight, cost-effective and made for lighter strapping applications for the following:

  • carton closing and bundling,
  • plastic tote security,
  • tying together (unitizing) both palletize and unpalletized materials for in-plant transfer and shipment

Polypropylene Strap (PP Strap) materials are generate a fewer waste products in disposal. Additionally, Polypropylene Strap is a fully recyclable product, making it possible to divert from landfills at the end of it’s life. It is a non-toxic chemicals released in the recycling process of Polypropylene Strap, and it also does not generate toxic gases when burned.