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PP Straps

PP Straps

Ajabshah Plastics has introduced a binding strap for the light and heavy packaged goods, providing strong packaging and safe strapping method. Our packing straps are made from virgin quality plastic material and a solution for loads of pallets and bundling items for shipping of boxes. PP straps is eco-friendly, perfect for bundling and fastening. Our PP strap has a smooth surface, offered in different colors and dimensions. PP strap is obtainable in a range of colors, widths and thicknesses, but the yellow packing strap is the most frequently consumable item in the market. Ajabshah Plastics LLC is manufacturing a rust-free strapping for all types of materials and more flexible that protects the material from stretching. Safety is the topmost priority for the best quality of PP strapping solution which are versatile and cost effective.

PP Strap sizes

(depending upon the application)

PP: Poly Propylene

Key Features of PP Straps

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