Stretch film is a kind of a plastic sheet that is flexible. As used to wrap around items, it also called wrap film. Being highly elastic and resistant to wear and tear, the film is widely used for a wide range of applications. As the elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound, this is a great option for packing fragile items like glass.

There are different types of stretch films such as bundling stretch film, extended core stretch film, machine stretch film, static dissipative film and hand stretch film. Each of them has is used for a specific application. But hand stretch film is the most obvious choice in many cases as it is easy to use and cost effective as compared with other types.

How can stretch films be used?

From wrapping items, as a protection shield, in the industry to wrapping books and gift items, the films can be used in a number of ways. Let us have a look at how it is used for different purposes.


One of the best solutions for packaging things! If you have several items to be wrapped together, the stretch film will make it easy for you. It is elastic and so holds things tightly and does not let them move.

Industrial Use-

It also has a great demand in the industry. The film is used to wrap around a boat, pallet, and other large items to protect them.


The films made of thin polyethylene material are widely used to protect goods from wear and tear during the transportation. The wrap comes in different thickness. For fragile things like glass, the thicker wraps are best. Or use several layers in case of thinner wraps.

Gift Wrapping-

As wraps are made of high quality polyethylene material, they are highly resistant to puncture. Stretch wraps or films not only protect gift items from but also give it a more creative look.

Book Wrapping-

The chances of wear and tear during the transportation are very high with books. Wraps provide books with a strong protection against any damage during the transportation. Also, the books wrapped are easy to carry and takes less space.

Benefits of Stretch Wrapping-

Stretch films are flying high in demand in the packaging industry. The market for the film is expected to grow rapidly in the days to come as the packing industry grows.

Demand for stretch films is expected to grow in future because of the rising demand of packaging industry for the protection of goods during distribution. Lower cost and higher performance are the greatest forces driving the demand for quality stretch films in Dubai. Look at some of the top benefits of the film:

Improved stability of products or packages, forming a unit load
More efficient handling and storage of unit loads
Some degree of dust and moisture protection
Some degree of tamper resistance and resistance to package pilferage
Some degree of sun protection
Extend shelf life of certain foods

How to Buy the Best Stretch Films-

From agriculture, food & beverages, storage, and distribution, to healthcare, Stretch films are being used in widest verticals.

It has become the most important method of utilizing product loads for transport. But there are questions that the clients confront or face before the final approval.

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