For years, the growing use of plastics in agriculture has helped farmers increase crop production, improve food quality and reduce the ecological footprint of their activity. Not only do plastics allow for vegetables and fruits to be grown whatever the season, but these products are usually of better quality than those grown in an open field.

A wide range of plastics are used in agriculture, including, polyolefin, polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Ethylene-Vinyl Accetate Copolymer (EVA), Poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) and, in less frequently, Polycarbonate (PC) and poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA).

Agricultural film is the material that iscovered over the crops to ensure that light comes in and that heat is retained. They provide UV ray protection which not only damages the film, but the plants growing inside it as well. They are excellent for light penetration and are strong enough to endure harsh weather.


Polyethylene film covers are not made to last very long. The cheapest form lasts only a year, and while this may save you money in the short run, over time it can add up to be more costly than longer lasting alternatives. Poly films that also include UV ray protection is guaranteed to last 4 years, but if you purchase from a high-grade manufacturer and the warmer weather isn’t too harsh, it may carry you through an additional two or three years after that.

Amount and Cost

Most manufacturers of this product have a 100 foot minimum for purchases, but there are some providers that offer them for hobby or mini Agricultural as well. They come in several different lengths, widths, and thickness, ensuring that there is a size out there for you. You can also custom order the amount that you will need. The price is usually based on however many square feet you are purchasing. These products come with varying warranties, usually between one and four years.

Additional purposes

Some manufacturers also provide an AC, anti-condensate, layer to the inside. This prevents the buildup of water on the inside of the film. Because there is a lot of heat inside the Agricultural, the moisture groups together easily, and if it does form on the inside lining of the Agricultural, it can dramatically alter the amount of light penetration that reaches the plants.


Surprisingly enough, even the color of the film can affect the growth and longevity of your plants. They come in several different colors; however, the two most useful are black and white. Black films are used to cover the ground, helping to retain heat in the soil, keeping the temperature warmer on cooler days and nights. White is used to going over the plants and allow enough light and heat to come in, while still shading the plants so that the sunlight doesn’t damage them.

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