The construction films are well suited for building construction solutions. The films provide protection from chemicals, dust, debris, and different weather conditions. It is a general-purpose Polyethylene sheet that is ideal as a drop cloth or vapor barrier. The Polyethylene sheet produced can be used for masking work on construction sites. The construction films have excellent moisture permeation transport properties and oxygen barrier protection as the popular choice.

The use of films in the construction process is initiated during the planning stage of a new building. The selected and installed films provide the house with extra security against excessive accumulation of moisture. It also helps the retaining of heat and the proper use of films in the building construction provides the opportunity to prolong the service life, making savings on heating experience. The films are built for building roofs and facades that are classified into several groups depending on the intended use.

Here are the features of construction films –

  • The films provide protection to the construction building from harsh weather conditions
  • The construction films are suited as a vapor barrier or drop cloth
  • The ploy is available black in color for concealing of the products
  • The films have the great tear strength
  • The films are available in varied shapes and sizes

One of the key characteristics of the films is vapor transmission capability. The films are characterized by the ability of films to let a certain amount of water vapor pass through an area of 1 sqm with a relative humidity of 85%. The other important characteristic of a film is water tightness. It is the important characteristic for wind barriers and diffuser films. The films are also characterized by values like the tensile strength both lengthwise and crosswise. The breathable materials are joined together with the overlap in the ridge of the roof, whereas the non-breathable materials are not joined to the construction during the installation phase.

The construction films are traditionally used for wood-frame houses and the task is to ensure heat resistance of façade constructions. There is a heat insulation layer with a vapor insulation film from the inside, and with a wind barrier film from the outside. The manufacturers or suppliers offer a wide selection of products that can be used in the best way for construction sites. Diffuser membranes are one of the important parts of the film that combines the properties of several films.

The task of the films is to protect building constructions from the formation of condensation and moisture. There are also waterproof films which can be classified into sub-groups like simple waterproof films and waterproof films with an anti-condensation layer – the so-called anti-condensate films. Construction films can be bought easily online at a very effective price that doesn’t affect the budget of construction.

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