From a carry bags, toys, juice boxes to packaging, low-density polyethylene is used for a wide range of purposes. It is also widely used for a construction site for being highly capable of withstanding ruts, wear and tear, and chemical and moisture. And that is why low-density polyethylene is also known as Construction Films.

Low-density construction films last for a long cost less and reduce maintenance cost. In addition, they increase the load carrying capacity if used in the road construction while preventing the water from coming over flexible pavements.

No matter what kind of construction is, the use of low-density polyethylene is a wise choice. It has a host of benefits while it is super easy to use. Low density means for less in volume so it is easy to carry from one to another. And thus it also reduces the cost incurred in carrying them to the construction site.

So if you need construction films, you should use the one with low density. To buy Construction Films & Rolls in Dubai, you should rely only on a reputed supplier who has long been offering a wide range of construction sheets and rolls to meet various needs. Or it is better to buy your construction films directly from a manufacturer. That way, you ensure you get the quality construction films while getting the price in the market.

LDPE (construction films) is highly chemically inert and extremely capable of withstanding wear and tear due to factors like dust, water, etc. It has good impact strength and excellent tear and stress crack resistance. Below are some of the key features of low-density construction films.

  • Highly resistant to impact, moisture, and chemicals
  • They don’t break easily and can stand up to several hazardous materials
  • They are durable, flexible and have a high level of strength
  • Are chemically inert and stress crack resistant
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Good riding quality

Low-density polyethylene is a kind of material which is very flexible and has unique flow qualities. Because of that, it seems highly suitable for the use in a construction site as a protection from the dust, ruts, water and other factors that may have a reverse impact on the construction work. Also widely used in plastic film applications like shopping bags.

The use of low-density polyethylene helps to reduce the water that comes to the surface when the concrete is placed. And so sand and cement do not come out to the surface. The result is harder and more durable surface highly resistant to abrasion and other similar impacts.

In addition to the application in construction films, Low-Density Polyethylene is used in the like of packaging foils, trays, and plastic bags used for both food and non-food purposes.

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