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Ajabshah Plastics LLC is a major manufacturer of Polyethylene Sheets (PE) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our innovative manufacturing technology of PE sheets enables us to produce a wide range of products catering to different industries throughout GCC and Africa.

Our specialties are the development and application of premium-grade polyethylene sheets for the packaging, furniture and agriculture industries with particular emphasis within the construction sector. As a growing company, we place a large emphasis on research and development to ensure that we are offering our customers the highest standards of quality and service.

With a combination of experienced management and skilled workforce, the company has risen to new heights in a short span of time and is now positioned as a major player in the industry. As a key investor in people, we strive to develop our staff and have a continued plan for training and development within the company. We also drive continued development within our company procedures and standards, for which we hold global standard accreditations including ISO 9001:2015. All our products confirm to ASTM, DIN and BS specifications.

Our Vision and Mission

“At Ajabshah Plastics LLC, we have a mission to be the number one manufacturer of Polyethylene sheets in the region and also be able to expand and diversify into new products and markets globally.”

Our Team


Ali Ajabshah

Managing Director

Ali is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 10 years’ of experience in Real Estate and Manufacturing sector. Ali is the founder and Managing Director at Ajabshah Plastics LLC that specializes in Construction Films.

M.A Sadiq

General Manager

M.A Sadiq is General Manager in Ajabshah Plastics LLC, he has 15 years of vast experience in plastic industry. Mr. Sadiq has played a critical role in establishment & success of Ajabshah Plastics LLC.

Murtaza Ali

Senior Management Accountant

Murtaza Ali is our Senior Management Accountant & a qualified CMA with an experience of 6 years in finance field. He implemented modern techniques for accurate & efficient financial reporting.

Hatim Abbasi

Production Executive


Construction Films

Ajabshah Plastics LLC has been providing the construction industry with durable high performance products commonly used under concrete slabs as vapor barrier and on top of freshly poured slabs as a curing blanket. Also used in various construction and civil works applications such as

  • Concrete Road/Highways
  • Airport Runways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Bunkers
  • Tunnels

Product Sizes

  • 4 m (Width) x 25 m (length) x (250-400 Microns: 1000-1600 Gauge Thickness)
  • 4 m (Width) x 50 m (length) x (125-400 Microns: 500-1600 Gauge Thickness)


  • All sheets can be customized in terms of size and thickness as per customer’s requirement.
  • Submittals of previous projects can be obtained upon request.

Agricultural Films (Greenhouse Films)

Ajabshah Plastics LLC offers a complete line of UV stabilized agricultural films manufactured using advance technology and materials to ensure that they stand up to the harshest conditions. Our line includes a diverse array of silage, mulch, and greenhouse films that can provide the following advantages.

  • Improves crop Quality
  • Prevents weed growth
  • Saves on fertilizers and pesticides
  • Leads to better root development and a cleaner crop
  • Maintains solid moisture to reduce irrigation water

Product Sizes

  • Thickness: 100 – 300 Microns (400 – 1200 Gauges)
  • Length: 50 – 200 Meters
  • Width: 2m – 6 meters

Packaging Sheets

Our plastic sheeting is an ideal protective wrapping solution for products in transit or storage. Our clear sheets with 100% transparency are widely used to safeguard furniture, bedding or clothing from dust and moisture. The heavy duty plastic can be used to cover crawl spaces and as a temporary cover for equipment and supplies.

Product Sizes

  • Thickness: 20 – 400 Microns (80 – 1600 Gauges)
  • Width: 1 meter – 4.2 meters
  • Length: 4 meters – 2000 meters

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